Solen is a narrative adventure where you take on the role of a missing hotel manager. Reveal the secrets of the seaside resort while managing the city's iconic establishment.

Solen's hotel awaits you, breakfast and secrets included.

*Note: The game's visuals are still in development.

Conduct an investigation

Eager to escape, you've realized your car won't cut it. Luckily, you found the ex-hotel manager's journal, hinting at an escape plan. The only problem is, the pages are faded, and you need to earn Spectral Ink by dealing with the spirits in your hotel. Follow the clues in your journal, build connections, explore various areas and unlock hidden rooms in the hotel...

Become a hotel manager

To earn the precious Spectral Ink, you'll have no choice but to look after your otherworldly guests. Fulfill their requests, manage facilities like the restaurant and baths, maintain the boiler room... With a plethora of tasks and limited time in a day, choose how to spend your day between tending to your establishment and plotting your escape.

Uncover the secrets

The cozy tourist retreat vibe quickly fades as suspicion grows within you. Something's amiss, and to find a way out, you'll need to unpack and adapt to this new life. Immerse yourself in the community, delve into the city's past, folklore and events—all fair game for gathering crucial information! On your journey, unexpected friendships may form, yet they may also bring to light dark secrets.

Solen's world — A seaside mystery adventure

Following a car breakdown, you find yourself forced to spend the night in a mysterious seaside resort.

Unable to leave immediately, you are unexpectedly offered an opportunity: to take the place of the hotel manager who disappeared a few days ago...

To find a way back home, you'll need to unravel the mysteries of the resort and solve the enigma surrounding the former manager's disappearance, all while managing the iconic establishment of the town.

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